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Music in the City is a project to connect people from different parts of the world by (making) music.


Music in the City aims at young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
Especially young people who have taken the initiative to make music, and thus have taken the initiative to build their own future.


At the 23rd of September 2017, the first project of Music in the City took place by making a Skype connection between Paarl, Jakarta and Utrecht. In those three cities bands made music at the same time. Via large screens they performed for and with each other. Live!


In Indonesia, Jakarta, kampung Bonang
– Be Boys (when pop meets punk): a band of youngsters between 20 and 25 years.
– The group ‘Dendang Jakarta ‘, a band playing traditional Indonesian music.

In South Africa, Paarl, Cape Town
– The marimbaband ‘Handevat marimbas’. This is a group of people from various backgrounds.
– A choir of the Frank Pietersen Music Center. This is also a youth group from various backgrounds.

In the Netherlands, Utrecht
The Pouwer Band

“For me, the three main elements of this project are: the people, the music and the city. I want people to develop themselves, to flourish. People are the world. I’ve worked and lived  in different cities in the world, and learned what it takes to create a good livable neighbourhood. You need good buildings, but also people who shape the neighbourhood, by doing what they like to do and feel connected. A music project like this can contribute. Music is very close to me, I have personally experienced what it can do to a person. Music is something universal and effects a lot of people. For a moment it will lift you from reality, even if you live in a deprived area or an unsafe neighbourhood. It will brings a different atmosphere. It may even contribute to a safer  and better living environment. “

Frank van Berkum, founder of Music in the City

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